To carry out business in Ireland and have it as a separate entity which removes some liability
from the individual, the company must be registered. There are several different types of
companies to choose from such as: LTD, PLC, DAC. Private Company Limited by Shares is the
most commonly used form by business as it separates directors and shareholders from the
business. The company is the appropriate entity to be sued in the event that debts are owed
by the company, not the shareholders. Liability is limited by the amount of issued shared
capital. A Public Limited Company is the UK equivalent of a LTD. However, while in Ireland a
company is required to have at least one director and a separate secretary, in the UK a
secretary is not necessary. A Designated Activity Company is a company that outlines a
particular activity as part of their Company Constitution as opposed to the unlimited powers
that a LTD has.

Setting up a company in Ireland is actually quite straight forward. Chern & Co Ltd will
simplify and guide you through the process of registering your company by drafting your
company documents and by implementing our automated filing process. Chern & Co Ltd will
then provide you with a certificate of incorporation and a set of company documents
according to your selected package.


Who is this for?


This company formation package is perfect for anyone who is looking for the cheapest
company registration in Ireland and only wants to register an Irish company. This is the most
basic registration option you can order with Chern & Co Ltd and is the most suitable choice
when looking for great value for your money. We guarantee, you will not find a better deal
in Ireland.


How is the Service delivered?


Chern & Co Ltd has helped local and international customers incorporate and register their
businesses in Ireland, the UK and offshore since 2009. We believe in long-term relationships
and continuously support our clients as their businesses grow while maintaining full
compliance and conformance with statutory requirements. As the only firm in Ireland with
authorisations with all three state bodies; Department of Justice, CRO and the Revenue
Commission, customer satisfaction is ensured.


Chern & Co Ltd’s Stress-Free Formation Process


Our simple 3-step company formation process can be completed in minutes.

Simply click on the Order Now button, fill out our Company Registration Form and you will
receive our Welcome Email in a few minutes.


What is included?


  • Preparation of necessary forms.

  • Posting of forms to CRO (optional)

  • Registration Certificate (original)

  • Free online account to access your files at any time


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What is a company?


A company is a business establishment and it is a separate legal entity from the people who
have set it up. The company is the appropriate entity to be sued in the event that debts are
owed by the company, not the shareholders. A company registered under the Companies
Act 2014 becomes a body corporate as and from the date mentioned in its certificate of
incorporation. The vast majority of companies incorporated also have limited liability and
have to file annual returns and submit notice of change in their details.


What is a business name?


Business names are used as trading names and a business name must be registered if any
individual or partnership conducts business under a name other than their own. Business
names are used to make these entities public. Nothing new is created when the business
name is registered.


What is an external company?


An external company is when a company incorporated in a foreign jurisdiction establishes a
branch in Ireland.


How do I register a company?


In order to form a company, a number of required steps must be followed. A Form A1 must
be completed and submitted with a memorandum and articles of association to the CRO.
Chern & Co Ltd can help guide you through this process and let you concentrate on the main
objectives of your company.


Does the registration of a company name mean that trademarks are protected also?


No it does not. Trademark law is separate from company law.


How quickly can I incorporate a company?


Chern & Co Ltd can incorporate a company between 3 and 5 working days.