Order a Company Seal

Order a Company Seal

A Company Seal is a small but important part of any company. It is used as the official
company signature on official documentation such as deeds and share certificates. With
new technology, a company seal is not mandatory. However, it stills adds an official and
authoritative appearance to the documents it is applied to.

Who is this for?


This service is for any new business owner who has officially set up their company and now
wants to add their company signature to documents. A company seal is an important
milestone for any business owner as it marks the moment when your company is truly ready
to begin trading.

How is the Service delivered?

Ordering a Company Seal is very straightforward. Chern & Co Ltd will help you make your
business official by providing you with your personal Company Seal. All you need to do is
provide us with your company name and your company number. We will then add this
information onto your company seal and post it to you.

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