Trademark submission in UK

Trademark Submission in Great Britain

A trademark is a type of intellectual property and a way of distinguishing and identifying a product or service of one business from those of another business. In the United Kingdom, trademarks can be in the form of words including personal names, slogans or phrases, smells, colours, designs, gestures and movements, the shape of goods or their packaging, sounds, brand memes, company names, domain names, and the combination of all the abovementioned.

To be accepted in Great Britain, a trademark needs to be distinctive and sufficiently different from other registered trademarks in the same or similar field. 

Everything you need to know about British trademark registration with Chern & Co

Why Register for a Trademark

  • Protection from plagiarism and protection of your business identity;
  • safeguard of your reputation;
  • a registered trademark can become your main marketing tool and help to position your goods and services on marketplaces;
  • it provides you with legal rights to use the trademark and avoid reliance on common law rights which can be difficult to defend;
  • It helps prevent the importation of counterfeit foreign goods.

Chern&Co Trademark Submission Cost For over a decade, our company has been providing professional assistance on trademark registration to business owners and startupers. We successfully continue our mission up to present times. It generally takes from 2.5 to 3.5 months from the moment of the first application to full registration of your trademark in the UK. The state application fee is £ 170 (+ £ 50 for each additional class). The cost of the trademark application with Chern & Co is 250 €. The service includes a British representative for 1 year. The number of classes does not matter. Our specialists are aware of all the nuances of trademark submission in the United Kingdom and will gladly provide you with a free consultation. Do not hesitate to contact us!