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When it comes to setting up a Limited Company in Ireland, most entrepreneurs prefer not only bare registration with Company Registration Office (CRO) but also all other related moments settled that are essential to make their company fully operational on the very first day.

The name speaks for itself - this is ours the most advanced company formation option and therefore the most popular! Be sure, this All-Inclusive Package includes everything you need to get started!

Company Name Check

This is the first mandatory step to company formation, which includes a deep search for identification of similar or phonetically identical company names as names already registered.

You are free to check the name on your own with our website. However, please note that up-to-date information can only be obtained from official registrars.

Private Company Limited by Shares Online Registration

Our team provides the service of registering a Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD company) under the Companies Act 2014 in Companies Registration Office (the CRO), the competent governmental body of Ireland.

LTD company is the most popular incorporation type for commercial businesses in Ireland, as it is suitable for most commercial activities.

CRO fee

We do not charge you any extra hidden fees or commissions. All governmental fees are already included in our price. You are to pay the exact quoted price.

Company Seal

All the documents of your company must be embossed with a company seal beside the officer’s signatures. It's even hard to imagine how a company can operate without a seal, so we get it for you.

Certificate of Incorporation both Digital and Printed

This document is supposed to be issued and digitally signed by CRO just once when setting up the company. This may serve as proof of registration.

Company Constitution both Digital and Printed

All the norms and rules governing a company are outlined in this document. The Company Constitution prepared by Chern & Co team is in full accordance with Schedule 1 to the Companies Act 2014 and consists of all necessary articles of association.

We provide you with our default Company Constitution. However, if you want some changes to the text or have your own ready-made text, these options are also available.

Share Certificate(s) both Digital and Printed

A share certificate is another must-have document that certifies registered ownership of shares in the company. This document includes information about shareholders and represents how the shares are allotted.

Minutes of 1st Board Meeting both Digital and Printed

There is an established legal requirement to record details of the 1st Director’s Meeting. Our company will provide you with this fully completed document.

Digital Company Register of Members both Digital and Printed

Company Register contains all the official statutory details, share details, officers, mortgage details of your company.

Company Printout from CRO both Digital and Printed

Banks and other institutions, frequently require an official extract from CRO, an official company registrar. It contains basic details of your company.

Postal Delivery of Printed Documentation

Get the printed versions of all your company-related documents by post. The postal fee is included.

Tax Registration with Revenue

Before starting trading, all Irish companies are required to register for tax with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners (Revenue) and obtain a Tax Registration Number (TRN).

You should know that there are different types of taxes your company may need to be registered for, such as Corporation Tax, Employer’s Tax, Relevant Contractor’s Tax (RCT), and even Value Added Tax (VAT).

So, please note that this package includes Corporation Tax registration only, as it’s necessary for trading regardless of your business plans and ambitions.

However, if your company needs to complete the registration procedure for other taxes, then check out our Tax Registration services.

1st Annual Return Filing

The annual return must be submitted to CRO and contain essential information of the company such as the name of the directors, secretary, its members, etc. Failure to do so, whether trading or not, within a fixed period entails undesirable difficulties for your company.

We will prepare all documents for you to sign and return.

RBO Filing

All the Irish companies must file their beneficial ownership information with the Central Register of Beneficial Ownership (RBO) within 5 months from the registration date. We will take care of it.

Information Booklets

Chern & Co will provide you with all the guidelines concerning your duties and responsibilities as the company officer issued by the official bodies you may need.

Online Access Your Files

You will get free round-the-clock access to your company formation documents.

What is included?

  • Company Name Check
  • Private Company Limited by Shares Registration
  • Company Seal
  • CRO fee
  • Certificate of Incorporation both Digital and Printed
  • Company Constitution both Digital and Printed
  • Share Certificate(s) both Digital and Printed
  • Minutes of 1st Board Meeting both Digital and Printed
  • Company Register both Digital and Printed
  • Company Printout from CRO both Digital and Printed
  • Postal Delivery of Printed Documentation
  • Tax Registration with Revenue
  • 1st Annual Return Filing
  • RBO Filing
  • Information Booklets
  • Online Access to Your Files

Who is this for?

This Company Formation All-Inclusive Package was designed to meet the most common needs of those who want to start with all necessary elements without worrying about tax, legal, and statutory initial requirements such as tax registration and filing Beneficial Ownership information after the registration.

So, if you want to lay a firm foundation for your business and start your commerce activity as soon as possible, entrust the whole registration process to our dedicated Chern & Co team. We will do whatever is necessary and settle all matters on your behalf.

Please note: Some businesses require certification, insurance, and licenses to conduct certain activities. Each business is advised to perform licensing and certification requirement research in advance of company registration. At Chern & Co, we offer consultancy and research services to company founders. 

How is the Service delivered?

  1. You contact us any way available. We will answer all your questions and concerns and not charge extra for that.

  2. Agree on the most suitable service package for you and finalise the list of optional extras if you need some.

  3. We are preparing an invoice for payment and a service contract.

  4. After payment is received, we send you a list of all the information required for our further work, including your personal data, and supporting documents. We will provide you with detailed and comprehensive instructions to this end.

  5. We prepare the required documents in a timely way and transmit them to you for consideration and signing.

  6. Then the package of documents is ready to be forwarded to CRO.

  7. When all the procedures with competent governmental bodies are over, you will get a full set of company-related documents sent to your email in digital and your postal address in paper form as soon as possible.

  8. And we are done! We handled bureaucratic steps so that you can focus on building your business empire.

Please note: We are mandated to collect and verify proof of ID and address to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations as well as other legal acts. We value the privacy of our clients and guarantee complete security and confidentiality of all data received.

Chern & Co Ltd’s Stress-Free Formation Process

We in Chern & Co believe that starting up doesn’t have to be hard. Therefore, our mission is to provide you with support and assistance on your entrepreneurial journey and satisfy all your business needs by making regulatory compliance simple and clear.

If there are any questions left, please feel free to contact us. Our Chern & Co team will provide you with any extra information and help you to choose the best option for your business.

Disclaimer: This article is for acquainting purposes only and subject to change. It does not constitute any professional advice. No liability is accepted by Chern & Co for any actions taken or not taken in reliance on the information set out in this article. Professional, legal or tax advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from any action because of this article.

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