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Company registration with full set of documents sent by email.

249 €
  • Title for the main
  • Business Name
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Paper Plus

Company formation plus tax registration - ideal package to get you started.

299 €
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All Inclusive

Company formation with tax registration and 1st annual return filed.

599 €
  • Title for the main
  • Business Name
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Startup Nominee

Сheap company registration with address and nominee director.

1 950 €
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Company registration with address, nominee director and secretary

2 250 €
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Nominee Plus

Nominee company formation with tax registration and 1st annual return filed

2 550 €
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Director Bond

Company registration with address and Section 137 bond. No need for nominee service

2 850 €
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Executive Privacy

All-inclusive Nominee company formation with full privacy of shareholders

5 000 €
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Digital LP

LP registration only. Cheapest Partnership in Ireland

200 €
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Traditional LP

LP registration with full set of documents by post and email

250 €
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Business Name

Traditional LP formation package with business name registration.

350 €
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Non-Irish Resident

All-inclusive LP registration with Irish address and courier delivery

800 €
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Operate your business in the most efficient tax system in Europe

Chern & Co Ltd has helped local and international customers incorporate and register their businesses in Ireland to enter European and global markets since 2009. We believe in long-term relationships and continuously support our clients as their businesses grow while maintaining full compliance and conformance with statutory requirements. Our mission is to assist companies and to equip directors with the resources they need to meet ongoing statutory obligations. The company specializes in incorporating businesses in the most business-friendly European country - Ireland. Chern & Co Ltd’s institutional expertise yields a quick and efficient company formation process that aligns with the unique needs of each client. Your company will be registered in Ireland within 3 to 5 working days.

  • Low taxes and convenient banking (Ireland has the most efficient tax system in Europe and No. 4 in the World according to PwC)
  • The only English speaking EU country
  • Working in an environment of global leaders and multinational companies
  • Grants, R&D tax credits, state supports and access to financing
  • Obtaining a residence permit for yourself and your family

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First-class Support

Our attentive support team have years of experience in forming companies and can assist you in every part of the company formation process. Whether it is just registering your business name or assistance in fully forming your company, Chern & Co Ltd can guide you through the process.


Automated Service

Chern & Co Ltd is the only company formation website in Ireland with a fully automated process. Unlike other companies, we have an automatic filing system and full integration with the CRO ensuring that you will receive automatic reminders and compliance notifications. Please make sure to opt in for newsletter and notification emails so as to not to miss out on important emails about your company’s status or legislation changes that may affect your business.


Tailored Solutions

Every business is unique. We aim to provide you with a service that is adapted to your specific needs. Chern & Co Ltd team specialises in developing custom solutions to suit dynamic and demanding business requirements. Choose from the extensive list of services that we offer. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact our team to organise a free consultation or conference call with one of our experts.

Accredited Company Formation Agent

Chern & Co team has necessary qualifications, experience and skills to represent your business across various public bodies.

As authorised TCSP (Trust & Company Service Providers) by the Department of Justice, Company Formation Agent and Registered Office Agent with CRO, Chern & Co can assist with business registration and company formation services.

Chern & Co is registered for Tax Advisor Identity Number (TAIN) and can represent your business for Tax Registration and Tax Flinging in a capacity of Tax Agent.