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Non-Irish Resident Package Overview

As you decide to set up a Limited Partnership company in Ireland, you may need a trustworthy company formation agent to entrust. A formation agent will be responsible for conducting registration formalities with competent governmental bodies on your behalf in the most effective, budget-friendly, and timely way. 

Chern & Co dedicated team of real professionals is here ready to help you.

The non-Irish Resident Package is our exclusive and most expensive package. Here we grant all the sufficient services to start a Limited Partnership company in Ireland alongside some pleasant perks included.

What You Get With Non-Irish Resident Package

It’s natural that you want to know what you pay for before making a purchase. At Chern & Co, we provide clients with a FULL list of services included in the package. So check out what we offer with a Non-resident package.

Limited Partnership Company Registration

A Limited Partnership (LP) is one of the oldest business frameworks in Ireland. This is a type of partnership in which some members have limited liability for the debts, while others carry total responsibility for the “well-being” of a company. Limited Partnership can consist of individuals and bodies corporate (between 2 and 20 persons). We will assist you by preparing all the statutory documents to open LP company in Ireland and filing them at the Companies Registration Office.

CRO Fees

You don't need to pay any hidden extra fees or commissions when registering a company at CRO. We have already included them in the Non-Irish resident package cost.

Online Account to Access Your Files

Need to access some important documentation here and now? Don’t worry about that! You will have your own online cabinet on our site that will give you 24/7 access to your Partnership formation documents.

Information Booklets

Chern & Co will provide you with all the necessary information about your duties and responsibilities as the officers of a Partnership.

Digital Certificate of Registration

The certificate is issued once. It is digitally signed by CRO. All our partnership formation packages come with an original electronic certificate of registration.

Partnership CRO Printout

Banks and other institutions frequently require an official extract from the Partnership Register to provide basic details about the partnership. All of our partnership formation packages come with a free extract from CRO.

Draft LP Agreement 

A partnership agreement creates to regulate the running of the partnership. We will create a draft of this document according to all your suggestions.

Business Name Registration 

This option is obligatory if any partnership carries on business under a name other than their own true names. We will check if your business name is available and register it on your behalf to the Companies Registration Office in Ireland.

Courier Postage

This is the only package that includes courier postage. We will send you the required original documents by courier to your address.

Business Address 

If a company is expected to receive regular communication and mail forwarding, additional service shall be purchased. Mail forwarding (paper to email) is included for up to 5 letters per month. Price is subject to volume. Talk to our agent about your requirements if you plan to receive many letters and parcels before placing an order.

Disclaimer: Content on this page serves for guidance purpose only. Please, consult a legal representative before taking or refraining from any action in reliance with information on this page. We do not accept any responsibility over actions taken as a result of the information set out in this article. All and any information is a subject to change.

What is included?

  • Limited Partnership Company Formation
  • CRO Fees
  • Online Account to Access Your Files
  • Information Booklets
  • Digital Certificate of Registration
  • Partnership CRO Printout
  • Draft LP Agreement
  • Business Name Registration
  • Courier Postage
  • Business Address

Who is this for?

A non-Irish resident package is an ideal option for people who want to “pay and forget”. With this offer, you don’t only get the services necessary for a limited partnership company launch. We also provide you with business name registration and regular postage so you can rest assured we cover all your business empire has ever needed.

How is the Service delivered?

At Chern & Co, we believe that company formation doesn’t need to be a burden. Thus, check out a few super easy steps we make to get your EU company registered! 

  1. You leave an application and our managers contact you ASAP.

  2. We clarify the details and prepare an invoice for payment. You can pay in any convenient way.

  3. We send a form for providing personal data and documents proving identity and address.

  4. You fill out the form and provide scanned copies of certified documents.

  5. We are preparing the statutory package of documents for signature.

  6. You fill out the documents and send scans electronically.

  7. Registration is in progress. The registry issues the number and certificate of your new company.

  8. We proceed with tax registration and VAT registration (if required).

Optional: preparation of documents for opening a bank account and/or payment systems.

Depending on the package, you provide a remote server for work, or we take responsibility for this service 

At the end of the process, we send a full package of documents by email and originals by mail (including plastic cards).

Chern & Co Ltd’s Stress-Free Formation Process

At Chern & Co, we do our best to ensure the smooth process of company registration. Our every package contains all the necessary services for a hassle-free operation of your Irish company from the very first day. We make regulatory compliance simple and clear and also provide additional assistance to business owners throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact us. We believe in a client-oriented approach, and so our managers are open to inquires. We will help you select the best package for your business absolutely free of charge.

Prefer to order by telephone?

If you are not confident forming your company online - call our friendly team and we will complete your order by telephone.

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