Irish Phone Number


An Irish Phone Number service provided by Chern & Co with a range of advanced features is aimed to make communication with your Ireland based clients and customers easy, while you are focusing on growing your business.

This service is extremely popular among entrepreneurs, as it allows to establish a local connection with clients and customers without having a physically existing office there.

How do I get an Irish number?

You can get Irish number with additional services of your choosing included with Chern & Co by contacting us and leaving your application. We will answer all your questions and concerns and not charge extra for that. After settlement of all the details and getting necessary relevant information from you, we seal the deal. Little further on. Give us some reasonable time to set up and your new Irish number is ready to use.

What does the team of Chern & Co offer?

Option 1

This basic Option 1 includes an Irish Landline Number for your business with free telephony service. With this option only receive calls are available.

Option 2

In addition to abovementioned services the Option 2 includes also Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Option 3

In addition to all the abovementioned services the Option 3 also implies entering incoming calls into the CRM system.

Option 4

With this option your business will not only get Irish Landline Number, but also a real person answering. This is the best choice for your business If you want to provide each client with an individual approach. Our company will provide you with a trained secretary with a pleasant voice, who will talk to your clients and customers.

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

IVR is a technology that allows your clients and customers to interact with a computer-operated phone system via the use of voice and keypad.

How much does the business address service cost? Is this service renewable?

Each option has a fixed price for setup, that is paid once. Any further payments for using the number and additional services are to be paid monthly. payment sum depends on the Option agreed.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Chern & Co team. We will help to choose the best Option for the needs of your business.

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